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This area harbours the latest news and posts that are happening in and out of Wogem Uganda. These includes the initiatives carried out, our news letters, reports, news about our programs and compaigns carried out by different activists

In Episode 2, we host Ms. Ireen Twongirwe, the Executive Director, Women for Green Economy Movement Uganda (WoGEM). She is also a Human Rights defender and Environmental activist.
Gender Inclusion in Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation is Vital. We need to first appreciate that we have incredible women who persist in a world that limit them. We all need to know that gender inclusive

Partners 20220208 letter Tilenga Eacop to IUCN Council

IUCN answer to LSM 2021123

20210909 letter Tilenga Eacop to IUCN HQ

CSO statement on Uganda's oil exploitation and climate change ambitions


Meet a young Promising Twongirwe Ireen an accountant and women activist

My name is Twongirwe Ireen, professional accountant, and Executive director Women for Green Economy Movement Uganda, passionate in advocating for women and girls empowerment and environmentalist.


Conserve And Rerserve the Environment

Recently, people in Kasese lost their lives and property due to the disastrous floods that caused mayhem in the South Western Uganda district


Upgrading Bugoma Forest into a National park is our last resort to protect it

Nonetheless we should not give up on our environment, because it will lead to negative impacts of climate change like prolonged drought, floods, global warming, high gas emissions


Lower Electricity Prices to benefit the valuable

Due to shortage of electricity in Uganda, and especially amidst the pandemic, many students fail to study, economy has failed to grow because the many informal sector


Let’s support the girl-child in our Communites

Parents, teachers, mentors, and guardians, and society should always be there for the girl-child. We all need to know that girls have the same right to education as boys


Gender equality and women empowerment

Women of the world want and deserve an equal future free from stigma, stereotypes and violence. Uganda is also a signatory to the African Union Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa


Empowering Women and youths through promoting Gender Equality

Approximately 1.3 billion people still don’t have access to electricity, and overcoming the lack of reliable sources of energy is an absolute hurdle to getting out of poverty. Other threats to the economic well-being of individuals


Uganda Government stand to Lose out on Climate Financing

Important to note is that all parties should report regularly on their emissions and their implementation efforts every after 5 years. Unfortunately, Ugandan government might lose out 


Formulate Environmental Committee to Help in implementing Environmental Laws

In my opinion, according to what is happening now, environmental committee is missing. This is due to lack of environmental laws to protect and defend the environmental rights

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